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Hey  all!  To celebrate the end of the month  and Halloween I’m giving out treats with a flash one day only sale in my TpT store tomorrow only!  Everything in my store is on sale for 20% off, so click on the image and come on down!  The talented Krista Lyn Wallden from Creative Clips created this amazing graphic, so be sure to check out her store too!

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That’s all for now!  Remember to always…. Keep ’em Thinking!



Turn Your Students into Compound Word Wizards! and a Surprise Flash Freebie!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but I have been busy with school getting starting and creating!  I had some folks ask for some materials to teach compound words, and I got a little carried away.  I had already created my I Spy Compound Words product, but I wanted to create some materials that included more differentiation and higher level thinking skills while teaching how to create and sort compound words.  I love the wizard theme to use for products.  It’s great for this time of year, but it is also good to use all year long.  Sooooo, I decided to create my Compound Word Wizards packs.  In the first pack, Compound Word Wizards:  Brewing Up Some Compound Words, students are creating potions or formulas for compound words.  There are also some matching activities, and one activity in which you supply the first and last words in two different compound words and the students supply the one word that when added to the end of the first word and the beginning of the second word, will create two different compound words!  This one really has the kiddos using their critical thinking skills.  Another activity in this packet has students looking into crystal balls and reading the clue to decide what the compound word is.  All of these activities are great for centers or small group instruction.  I made the cards so that they would fit into a tabletop pocket chart.  All of the compound word picture cards come with just pictures or with the pictures and words.  Here is a picture of some of the materials I laid out on my kitchen table.


In the second product, Compound Word Wizards: Sorting, Classifying, and Which One Doesn’t Belong,  I have students sorting and classifying compound words.  They also have task cards with four compound words and they must decide which one doesn’t belong, but there’s a catch….  there may be more than one right answer, depending on your rationale.  I love this activity because it really requires higher level thinking skills.  In another activity, the wizards are in the compound word lab and they have to decide which words are compound words and which are not.  But be careful, because the words that are not compound words are likely to explode!  There are a whopping 204 compound word cards in this packet, so you have a great assortment to choose from.  For those higher achievers in your class, you can give them compound word cards that they don’t regularly encounter in most products.  Here’s a picture of some of the materials in this product spread out on my kitchen table.

Compound Word Wizards: Sorting, Classifying, and Which One Doesn't Belong

And my last creation is Compound Word Wizards:  I Have Who Has? which is a set of 5 I Have Who Has? games to use to teach compound words.  I have a fall set, a spring/summer set, an everyday compound words set, an animals set, and a food set, so you have games to last you all year long!

Now, here’s the exciting news!  Since I just posted these products today, I have bundled them along with my I Spy Compound Words products into one huge mega pack Compound Words Wizards Mega Pack Bundle. This bundle is 50% off the price if you bought all these products individually.  But here’s the best part!  I am offering the bundle as a FLASH FREEBIE! for the next two hours!  That’s right! from 7:00 PM Central time to 9:00 PM Eastern time, it is yours for free!   Just click on the picture below and download your free copy.  And please leave some feedback and feel free to pin! 

Well,  I must go now, but am almost finished with some other great stuff to share with you!

Remember to always….  Keep ’em Thinking!

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