TPT Spring Cleaning Sale

Hello all! Since my spring break is almost over, I’m teaming up with a a bunch of other folks from Teachers Pay Teachers for a huge spring cleaning sale! I’ve cleaned out drawers and closets wall week, and now it’s time to clean out my TpT Wish list!  Thanks to Valerie at Georgia Grown Kiddos for organizing this sale and Beth Ann at Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Design for the cute graphics.

spring sale

I’ve been super busy the last could of weeks trying to get some products ready for spring.  I just finished this little fella last night and posted it.


spring math logic cover Get ready for spring testing and challenge your students to become mathematical problems solvers with this fun set of 24 addition and subtraction puzzlers task cards.  Each card contains a set of 4 problems using pictures and numbers. The students must figure out the value of each picture. Students are using addition and subtraction within 20 to solve problems with unknowns in all positions.   They are solving equations with a symbol for the unknown number to represent the problem. It’s such a fun way to challenge your high achievers and is perfect in a center or for early finishers. These activities lay the foundation for problems in which students use variables in mathematical expressions in later grades which will help them succeed in algebra.

All task cards are available in both color and black and white. There are answer keys and recording sheets included.

The whole pack of 48 task cards (24 color and 24 b/w) are on sale for 20% off!  That’s a bargain!


You can use the cards several ways:

1.  Project one each morning on the SmartBoard or whiteboard and use them as a daily morning challenge

2.  Use them in a math center for students to solve during small group

3.  Use them for those early finishers and those kiddos who always come up to you and say, “I’m done, now what?”

spring logic task card

I love these cards!  They’re actually harder than you think.  Try this one!

Next, I want to give you a sneak peak of a unit I’ve almost finished and hope to have up this weekend!  It’s my Chicken Sunday unit!  Here’s the cover, what do you think?

chicken sunday cover 2

I have been having so much fun creating this unit!  This book is one of my all time favorites!  Of course I love everything by Patricia Polacco.  On the surface it looks like a cute little story about some children who want to buy their grandmother a new hat for Easter, but there is so much more to it!  The big ideas or themes that are presented really make you want to think.  It’s also great for character analysis and seeing how a character changes.  I always want to link this story up to Rachenka’s Eggs by Patricia Polacco.  I have even included some information about Pysanky eggs and a fun activity to design a Pysanky egg.  Hope to have it ready by Sunday!

Thanks for stopping by and remember to always…. Keep ’em Thinking!







Best and Most Linky Party

I am linking up with Christina Bainbridge over at Bunting, Books and Bainbridge for her Best and Most Linky Party!snowflake bentley framed

My first product is my Teacher’s Pet.  Every teacher has a pet and my pet product is my Snowflake Bentley Literature Guide.  This is one of the first products I made at Teachers Pay Teachers and it is still my baby.  Snowflake Bentley was such an amazing guy and boy was he ever persistent!  He spent his entire life studying and photographing snow crystals.   In fact, he was the first person to ever successfully photograph snow crystals using a process  called photomicrography.  This  unit includes activities for vocabulary and language arts skills, great comprehension questions, science activities, and so much  more! Just click on the picture to go to these products on my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

analogy safari framed

My next product is my Most Likely to Help Students Succeed which happens to be one of my newest products.  This is my Analogy Safari product which teaches students how to do beginning analogies.  This product is just toooo cute!  All of the analogies on the task cards are animal analogies and they are so much fun!  The product also includes a PowerPoint  show which introduces the students to what an analogy is and how to solve them and an animal analogy game.  If you want to improve your students’ critical thinking, then this is the product for you!  Analogies are one of the instructional strategies you use to teach similarities and  differences.  According to Robert Marzano, teaching similarities and differences can increase student achievement over 40%!

rock around the clock and watch me tell time framed


My third and last is Best Couple.  These are two of my products that work best together.  I love teaching kids about time, and my two favorite time products are  my Watch Me Tell Time for 2nd grade and  my Rock Around the Clock product.  Both of these products focus on  teaching time to 5 minute intervals and they work so well together!  They are two of the best sellers in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  The individual students watches the  kids wear in the Watch Me Tell Time unit are just too cute!  I use Velcro to attach them around the kiddo’s wrists, and they can be used over and over year after year.  There are tons of games and activities in the packet to do with the students wearing the watches.  Of course, if you want a new take on the traditional Bingo, you’ve got to have your kiddos play Rock Around the Clock!  Instead of a traditional Bingo card, everyone has an  individual Rock Around the Clock card.  Just look at the picture to see how cute they are!  I love the guitar handles as the hands of the clock on the board.  There are three different games you can play using these boards and they can be used with the whole group, or with small groups in  a center.  How great is that!  Both of these products work well together to reinforce telling time to 5 minute intervals, so they are my pick for the Best Couple in my store!

I hope you had fun seeing my Best and Most!

Remember to always… Keep ’em Thinking!

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Teaching Time to 2nd Graders

watch me tell time grade 2 - tpt finalHave you ever fallen in love with a product/activity you created for your classroom?  Well, I am absolutely in love with my Watch Me Tell Time unit for 2nd graders. In first grade, students worked with telling time from analog and digital clocks to the nearest hour or half-hour.  In second grade, students build upon that knowledge to tell time to the nearest five minutes using a.m. and p.m.  Watch Me Tell Time uses individual student watches to get your students up and moving  and actively involved in learning to tell time to the nearest five minutes.  The unit includes 48 individual watches for you to print out, laminate and have students wear during  activities to teach time to 5 minute intervals. The watches are available in both color and black and white so save printing costs.

In the unit you will find:

  • Cards and directions to use the watches to play the game I Have Who Has
  • Cards and directions to use the watches to play  the game Find Someone Who Has – 4 different sets of questions using both digital times and words.
  • Directions and cards for using the watches to have students create a circle
  • Tick Tock, Different ways to read a clock.  Worksheet and directions for an activity in which students show the time on their watch in different ways.
  • Directions for groups of students to put themselves in order according to the time on their watches.
  • Directions and worksheet for students to illustrate the time on their watch in both am and pm.
  • Directions for using the watches as equity sticks and other classroom management ideas

Just click on either of the pictures to take you to the unit on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

preview file for tpt watch me tell time

To prepare for this unit, you will need to print out the watches, the I Have Who Has cards, and the Digital Time cards on cardstock, laminate them, and cut them out.  You may
print them out in either color or black  and white to save on that expensive ink!  I have tried to make the black and white versions as attractive as the colored ones with cute designs on them, so the kiddos should enjoy them as much as the colored ones!

You have two options for attaching the watches to the students’ wrists.  1. You may simply tape the two ends together, or 2., you may use Velcro.  I used Velcro simply because I didn’t want to deal with sticky tape residue possibly getting on the watches when the kids took them off, but that is strictly up to you.  It is cheaper to use plain ole scotch tape.  With the tape, you will probably have to tape them on the students’ wrists, and with the Velcro, they can take them on and off themselves.

Domain:  Measurement and Data (MD)

Cluster:  Time and Money

Common Core Standard:  2.MD.7.  Tell and write time from analog and digital clocks to the nearest 5 minutes, using a.m. and p.m.

Standards for Mathematical Practices (MP) emphasized:

MP.5.  Use appropriate tools strategically

MP.6.  Attend to precision

Connections to Other Standards:  (2.MD.7-8)  Building fluency with addition and subtraction, and beyond  are the critical areas of focus addressed in telling and writing time.

Prior Knowledge and Skills:  Students should know how to tell time to the nearest hour and half hour.  They should be able to skip-count by 5’s to recognize 5-minute intervals on a clock.

Common Misconceptions:  Some students have difficulty distinguishing between the hour and minute hands.  For example, when looking at the time 2:30, they might say the time is 3:10, or 3:02. Also, students sometime name the numeral closest to the hands.  For example, for the time 4:55, they might say the time is 5:00; therefore, it is important to provide many opportunities for them to measure times to the nearest five minutes and the nearest hour.

Common terms and phrases:  a.m., p.m., digital, analog, clock, watch, quarter till ___, quarter after ___, half past ___, 5 after ___, 5 before___, 5 past ___.

Well, that’s all for now!  Remember to always… Keep ’em Thinking!

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500 Follower Giveaway! and My Newest Products

500 follower giveawayDon’t you must love giveaways? My friend, Mrs. D over at Thinking About 3rd grade is having a huge 500 follower giveaway and it is a whopper of a giveaway! There will be 4 prize packs: K-1, 2-3, 4-5, and 6th grade and up. The grade 2-3 prize pack is the largest with 25 products! My brand new It’s Time to Rock Around the Clock game is in there as well. Boy would I love to win this giveaway! The giveaway is running from today through May 7th, so hop on over and check it out! Just click on the image to get there!

I have been so busy the past month that I have neglected my blog. I posted a new product a couple of weeks ago that I am really excited to tell you about! I had several teachers whose students were struggling with time to 5 minute intervals, so I really gave some hard thought to ways you could make time interesting and fun at the same time. I thought of all the different games I could create, and I had an inspiration while trying to think of sayings that had to do with time.

coverI thought about that rock and roll oldie Rock Around the Clock and I had the idea to make a record into a clock with guitars for the hour and minute hands and small clocks going around the record where the numbers would be. That was the birth of my game It’s Time to Rock Around the Clock! Rock Around the Clock is a set of 3 games to be used with the whole class or small groups in centers to help students tell time to 5 minute intervals and to tell starting or ending times when given the elapsed time. These games align with the Common Core Standards CC.2MD.7 and CC.3MD.1. so it’s perfect for second and third grade.

The kiddos have had a blast with these games! We even played the song Rock Around the Clock while the kids were playing the game. Played like Bingo, the students use individual Rock Around the Clock cards and markers to mark times shown on their Rock Around the Clock cards as they are called out. The times are in the corresponding area on the board, so the kids don’t have to look all over their boards. For example, if 2:15 is called out, students look at the clock at the 2:00 position to see if it matches. There are 4 different times for each hour for a total of 48 so the game doesn’t take too long to play. When a student has a marker on all 12 clocks on his/her board, he/she calls out Rock Around the Clock! It has been a real fun game and the kids love playing it during center time.

Each of the 30 individual Rock Around the Clock cards has a different combination of clocks so no two are alike. Also, there is a color and a black and white version of each Rock Around the Clock card because I know how expensive that colored ink gets! Here are the three games you can play using the game boards:

Game 1: students place markers on the board to match the times called out. – includes directions for playing with the whole group or with small groups in a center
Game 2: students place markers on the board to match the time clue cards. – includes directions for playing with the whole group or with small groups in a center
Game 3: students place markers on the board to match the starting or ending time when given the elapsed time. – includes directions for playing with the whole group or with small groups in a center preview for rock around the clockpreview final tptOne of the things I really love about this game is that it can be played with both the whole class or with small groups in a center. Because there are three different variations of the game – i.e. digital calling cards, verbal clues calling cards, and elapsed time problem calling cards, you are able to differentiate according to the needs of the students in your class.
This product includes:
30 individual Rock Around the Clock Cards – color and b/w versions to save ink!
Rock Around the Clock master board to keep up with times called
Rock Around the Clock time cards to choose from when calling out times
Answer key for each Rock Around the Clock card
48 digital clock cards to play the game in small groups – students draw a card and place the marker on the corresponding analog clock on their board. The first player to fill up their card wins.
48 time clue cards – students draw a card, read the clue, and place the marker on the corresponding clock on their board.
48 elapsed time cards – students draw a card read the clues, and cover the clock which shows the starting or ending time when given the elapsed time.
Answer key for time clue cards and elapsed time cards

Just click on the picture and it will take you to my Rock Around the Clock game at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

I also have a new product which I will be posting about hopefully tonight and a great freebie I am sure you are gonna love, so check back in a few days! That’s all I have time for today! Remember to always… Keep ’em Thinking!

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