A Gigantic Giveaway!

To celebrate 100 followers on her Teachers Pay Teachers store, Christina Mauro over at Mrs. Mauro’s Kinderverse has a huge giveaway going on right now!  There are about 30 great products bundled together for the winner, so be sure to go over to her blog at http://mrsmauroskinderverse.blogspot.com/  and enter for your chance to win.  Click on […]

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A Fun Activity to Describe Characters

Are you looking for a fun way to teach describing characters and character traits?  Try this!  Fold each side of a horizontal sheet of paper to the middle.  Have the kids draw a picture of the character on the front.  Put words to describe the outward appearance of the character on the outside.  This can be things […]

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1,000 Follower Giveaway!

Nicole Rios over at Mrs. Rios Teaches Second Grade is having a huge 1,000 follower giveaway which will run from April 6th to 13th.  You need to go over and enter the giveaway to see all the fabulous items you can win!  You might even win my Making Sense of Dollars and Cents unit if […]

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Create Flip Books with your students to understand Optical Illusions!

When we were teaching the students about the brain this year, one of the things that fascinated them the most was Optical Illusions!  I think all kids love optical illusions.  What exactly is an optical illusion?  All the information that your eyes gather is processed by the brain.  Your eyes processes color, light, and patterns and […]

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Teaching Primary Students Ordinal Positions, Sequence, and Logic

I absolutely love to incorporate logic into math whenever possible, so when a friend told me she was teaching ordinal positions and sequencing, I couldn’t resist creating something for her to use with her students!  What better way to teach ordinal positions and sequence than paper doll chains!  I had so much fun creating this […]

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Fixing Up Your Classroom

I’ve been out of the classroom for 5 years now, and sometimes it makes me a little sad.  Don’t get me wrong,  I love being a gifted coordinator, but sometimes I miss interacting with the students and fixing up a classroom.  Today I was looking at old pictures of when I taught, and I came […]

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Another Great Giveaway!

I just love giveaways, don’t you?  My friend Amy Swan over at Happy Teacher Heaven is having a fantastic 100th Follower Giveaway!  Tons of super teachers have donated items to her giveaway to support her success.  Be sure to hop on over to her blog and check it out!  And while you’re there, check out […]

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Spring Linky! and a Giveaway

Happy Monday morning!  Just wanted to let you know that I am linking up with Sam Kelly over at Mrs. Kelly’s Klass blog.  Click on the button below to see lots of neat units and lessons created especially for Spring!  I’ve included a link to my Beginning Logic Puzzles and Activities – Spring Theme, but […]

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Beginning Logic Puzzles and Activities – Spring Themed for Grades 1-3

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!  If you know anything about me, you know how much I love to teach kids to think and use logic and deductive reasoning.  Well, I combined that with my love of all things spring and created a huge pack of spring themed logic puzzles which I just put up on  […]

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It’s a Birthday Giveaway!

Hello all!  I’m participating in a Birthday Giveaway with Susan over at First Grade Friendly Froggies!  She has three different giveaways with tons of wonderful products, so be sure to hop on over to her blog and check it out!  Just click on the button below and it will take you there.  If you enter […]

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BrainQUEST: A Brain Awareness Extravaganza

On Saturday, March 9th, the elementary gifted program is hosting an event we call BrainQUEST: Explore Your Amazing Brain! At our local mall. Each gifted classroom is hosting a different station with hands on activities about the brain. The stations include Nifty Neurons – kids learn about neurons and make a model of a neuron, […]

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St. Patrick’s Day Logic Puzzles for Beginners

 I love teaching logic to students!  I first used matrix logic puzzles when I began teaching gifted students back in 1978!  Wow!  That’s been a long time ago!  I believe that teaching logic is vital if we are going to teach our students how to think.  Inferring is a big skill  in the new common […]

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I have discovered an absolutely wonderful website called KenKen.  People say KenKen’s are like Suduko puzzles on  steroids.  So exactly what is a KenKen?  It’s a numerical puzzles that uses the four basic math operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication,  and division.  The puzzle is laid out on a grid  ranging from 3 by 3 to 9 by […]

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Making Sense of Dollars and Sense: A Unit on Money for 2nd Graders

I have been working with some 2nd grade teachers to give them  ideas and resources to challenge their high achievers.  Since money is always such a fun unit to study in math, I decided to create some materials for a study of money.  Of course, I made sure it was aligned to the new Common […]

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Snow Globes

It’s amazing how you just finish a unit and you find a perfect activity to use with it! I think this has happened with almost every unit I have ever taught. I have decided that it is because the topic is on my mind so I am more aware of things relating to it. Anyway, […]

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Snowflake Bentley Literature Guide

To me Wilson Bentley, better known as Snowflake Bentley, was a fascinating guy and should be such an inspiration and role model for persistence. This book touches my heart every time I share it with students. Here is a guy who spent his entire life studying snowflakes and even developed a method for photographing them […]

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Do You Wonder?

I love Debbie Miller’s books. In fact, I have them all, so it was only natural that I would purchase the 2nd edition of Reading With Meaning which was just released by Stenhouse. Of course, it is even better than the first edition. One of the things Debbie talks about is having each child have […]

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Your Brain By the Numbers

I just found the most amazing picture today on the Internet while I was researching the brain, and I just had to share it with you!  If you know me, you know that I am fascinated with anything about the brain.  Dwayne Godwin is a neuroscientist at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine and […]

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Teaching Logic to Primary Students

I believe teaching students how to think logically is so very important.  Logical thinking developes skills in problem solving, making inferences, drawing conclusions, recognizing similarities and differences, and comparing and contrasting.  I have always used matrix logic puzzles with my students to introduce them to logical thinking.  I think matric puzzles are one of the easiest ways […]

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The Perfect Square

 Recently I bought the book perfect square by Michael Hall.  It is the story of a square who was perfectly happy, but throughout the week things start happening to him – he is shattered, crumpled, torn, etc., but each time the square turns lemons into lemonade and transforms himself into something wonderful.  I loved this book.  […]

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Do You Doodle?

brain doodle created by one of the gifted specialists Do you doodle? I do! I’m bad about sitting in a meeting and doodling all over my notes. But apparently I’m not alone. There have been some really famous doodlers like John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Reagan and Bill Gates. I am happy to have […]

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Free Multiple Intelligences Posters for Kids

Since the students in the elementary gifted program have been doing a unit on the brain,  I decided to create a set of multiple intelligence posters for kids. Be sure to click on the picture below to download your FREE COPY!  Every chiild is smart in a number of ways, but  they often only think of […]

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Brain Awareness Week Activities

This year the gifted specialists are teaching a unit on the brain.  It has been so much fun!  Students have learned about different types of intelligence, basic brain biology, neurtransmission, and how emotions, diet, sleep, and exercise affect learning and memory. To kick off National Brain Awareness Week which is March 11-17th, 2013, the gifted students […]

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My Journey Into Blogging

I have decided to bite the bullet and create a blog.  All of my teacher friends have been encouraging me to do it.  Years ago I had a website called Mrs. Seagraves’ QUEST class on Geocities (I’ve since married and my name is now Susan Morrow), but when Geocities closed, I didn’t have the time […]

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