Spring Linky! and a Giveaway

Happy Monday morning!  Just wanted to let you know that I am linking up with Sam Kelly over at Mrs. Kelly’s Klass blog.  Click on the button below to see lots of neat units and lessons created especially for Spring!  I’ve included a link to my Beginning Logic Puzzles and Activities – Spring Theme, but there are TONS of other great Spring items for you to discover!

Spring Linky

Next, I want to share with you a great Giveaway by Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road.  She is celebrating 100 followers on her cute blog and has received over 40 donations for her giveaway!  Hop on over for your chance to win some awesome  items for your classroom!


Well, I must go and get ready for work!  Have a great week and remember to always…. Keep ’em Thinking!

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Beginning Logic Puzzles and Activities – Spring Themed for Grades 1-3

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!  If you know anything about me, you know how much I love to teach kids to think and use logic and deductive reasoning.  Well, I combined that with my love of all things spring and created a huge pack of spring themed logic puzzles which I just put up on  my TpT store!  This pack has 48 puzzles in all – 24 matrix logic puzzles, 12 magic square puzzles, and 12 Sudoku type picture puzzles.  That’s enough to keep your kiddos busy until the end of the year.  Like everything else I create, there are different levels of complexity to  all the puzzles so you can differentiate according to the needs of your students.  I am so excited about this new product!  The clip art is fantastic.  I found a great new clip art source at Lisa’s Country Clipart – You’ll have to check her out.  I love all the kid faces I can use in my logic puzzles.  It makes them so much more colorful.  Here’s a great preview of the puzzles which you can also check out if you go to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store by clicking on the picture below!



That’s all I have time for today!  Remember to always…  Keep ’em Thinking!



St. Patrick’s Day Logic Puzzles for Beginners

Slide1 I love teaching logic to students!  I first used matrix logic puzzles when I began teaching gifted students back in 1978!  Wow!  That’s been a long time ago!  I believe that teaching logic is vital if we are going to teach our students how to think.  Inferring is a big skill  in the new common core, and logic requires students to make inferences.  I see lots of  logic puzzles out there,  but I really don’t see many for primary students.  The primary years are the perfect time to introduce logic and deductive thinking!  Last November, I developed a set of logic puzzles with a Christmas theme for primary students.  They were so well received and everyone started asking me to develop logic puzzles for other holidays.   Well,  I got too busy with some other stuff I was creating and let Valentines day get too close, so I  looked ahead and created this packet of logic puzzles with a St.  Patrick’s day theme.  They’re great to use for morning work, in a center, or for those early finishers who need something to keep their brains charged and give them a challenge.  This packet contains a set of six 3 by 3 matrix logic puzzles, six 4 by 4 matrix logic puzzles,  and  6 suduko type shamrock puzzles.  The nice thing about this set is that I have included ALL the  puzzles in both color and black  and white so you can still use them  and save your ink, although I suggest if you use them in a center, you print them out in color on cardstock and laminate them.  But if you want to hand them out as a worksheet, the black and white copy is great!  I even have a student response form where the kiddos can record their answers to the problems, and of course an answer key is provided along with a few helpful hints about teaching matrix logic puzzles.  One teacher wrote me and told  me that she would  put one up on her SmartBoard every morning for her kids to solve.  I suggest you do that if your kids have had  no experience with matrix logic puzzles.   Begin with the whole class doing the 3 by 3 grids and then place the 4 by 4 matrix puzzles in a center.  Below is just a little  sneak  peak. If you’re interested, click on the image to download a preview at my Teachers pay Teachers store!

PREVIEW (1024x805) (800x629) (800x629) (640x503)

That’s all for now!  Remember to always…  Keep ’em Thinking!

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