My Journey Into Blogging

I have decided to bite the bullet and create a blog.  All of my teacher friends have been encouraging me to do it.  Years ago I had a website called Mrs. Seagraves’ QUEST class on Geocities (I’ve since married and my name is now Susan Morrow), but when Geocities closed, I didn’t have the time to transfer the my site to a new host, so I basically just let it go.  A site called Oocities cloned most of that site and some of my old stuff is still floating out there in Cyberspace, but the site hasn’t been touched in ten years.  I tried to decide whether to create a blog or a website, and after combing various teacher blogs and websites on the Internet, I finally settled on venturing into the world of blogging.  Back in the old days, I used Microsoft Front Page to create my website and it was sooooo easy – just like creating a document in Word, but this blogging is a little more difficult.  Hopefully I’ll master it soon and my blog will be as beautiful as some of the others I see out there.  Just be patient with me, I don’t catch on to new technology as quickly as I used to.

I have decided to call my site Keep ’em Thinking because from my years of experience as a teacher of the gifted and now as a gifted coordinator, I believe that we must not only teach children content, but how to think.  I’ve been a proponent of infusing creativity and critical thinking into instruction, and so I will try to offer some ideas and freebies to help you do just that in your own classrooms.  Hopefully I will have some freebies posted by next week.  Anyhoo, please check back often and see what freebies, tidbits and ideas I have to offer!  Hope to see you back soon!  Remember to always . . .

Keep ’em Thinking!

Susan Morrow


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